Retrospectives, And Thomas Park’s Legacy

There has been a lot of sharing of retrospectives lately, be they documentaries, transcripts, links to archives, and so on. Where have I been heading with all of this?

First of all, there is no need to panic, I am unaware of any immediately pressing medical issues. I do have some, but seem to be getting by, with treatment.

Rather, as I get older, I realize certain things.

One is, that a times my artistic endeavors have monopolized my attention. As a man who is now married, this troubles me. I don’t want to neglect my loved ones. Nor do I always feel comfortable asking for attention. I love to share creative works, in hopes that others might enjoy them or find them useful. But panhandling for popularity grows tiresome.

Secondly, there is a sense, if I am right, that I have expressed my intent. I feel that I have done this well, with a large number of works available in various disciplines. It began to be the case that, as I listened back to the pieces on my archive drive, I thought to myself, “Could I really do it any better than that”?

Thirdly, there is the mortality issue. It is not presently pressing, to my knowledge, but honestly, one never knows. It concerned me that decades of work would be lost unless I organized them and made them accessible.

All along I have been about providing inexpensive or free access to creative works. Now I have composed a series of documents called “Benchmark: Hub”.

These documents summarize my works in all of my main disciplines, and supply links to examples of these works. I uploaded “Benchmark: Hub” to

It is my offering to you– if you would like to bookmark the release page, or download and save the pdfs, they provide an adequate portal to my works, and a set of ideas to help guide you through them:

I consider, at this time, for “Benchmark: Hub” to be a gateway to my artistic legacy for this world.

Thank you for all who have encouraged me, and taken part. Welcome to those who have not and are yet interested.

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I am a multidisciplinary artist living in South Saint Louis, MO with my wife and our 2 cats. A lot of my art has to do with the experience of living in a thriving, diverse city.

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