Essential Prints

Here is a direct link to the pdf for Thomas Park’s collection of prints called, “Essential Prints”. Please enjoy:

Here is the Introductory Text:

Thomas Park developed a particular method for creating prints. He used software to digitally blend layers of painted panels. The panels themselves were made with acrylic paint, spray paint, and occasionally collage or simple application techniques.

Some of the works utilize “Dream Symbols”. Dream Symbols, as defined by Thomas, are signs or symbols that seems to suggest some concrete meaning, that meaning remaining elusive. Dream Symbols invoke street art and world art traditions. They provide the suggestion that Thomas’ prints have an “artifact” quality– seeing them is like coming across a buried or archived series of hieroglyphics or ancient tablets

Much more could be said of “Dream Symbols”. The main message, from Thomas’ perspective, is that they express a lack of focus– an inability or unwillingness to understand the icons of modern life.

They represent a blurring of taboos and behavioral, cognitive or emotional necessities– a turning away from the completely known and accepted.

Thomas would like to thank his wife Torrey for encouraging him to purchase his first paint set, and pursuing his dream of becoming a visual artist.

Studio Cleaning

It was a great day to clean the studio.

I organized everything, and threw out lots of old bottles of paint that were nearly empty.

In the process, I discovered lots of unused materials.

I am grateful to my family for helping to support my painting endeavors.