Thomas is proud to have a painting of his featured in an exhibit at the Intersect Arts Center called “Resolve”. “Resolve” focuses on the use of art in conflict resolution.

An opening event will take place August 3 from 5-8 PM, at 3636 Texas Avenue (Saint Louis, MO). Light refreshments will be served.

Schlafly Library Exhibit, August 2018

In August, if you are in Saint Louis, please feel free to stop by the Schlafly Branch Public Library, to see Thomas Park’s original abstract series, paintings “1” through “20”. All of these paintings were created in one day.

If you make it in between 4:00 and 5:30 pm on Saturday, 8/4, you may attend a free reception, featuring light refreshments and a live looping musical performance by Thomas.

Here is the event page:


Stepping Back From Public Shows

After some thought, I am planning to step back from public gallery shows. I still plan to paint, make prints, and furnish visuals for various purposes. I may submit to an occasional group show. I will still be glad to take part in live painting events.

I do still plan to host a solo show in the Schlafly Library’s Gallery space in August.

I don’t consider this an admission of failure, as an artist, so much as an acknowledgement that the local scene is not that brisk when it comes to abstract art, and that my art does not really have a social angle, so public shows and receptions are sparsely attended.

I hope you are not sad about this, I am not.

Actually, I am already having some interesting thoughts about what to do with all of these dozens of interesting paintings.